Whitepaper: IBM Marketing Performance Analytics

by   |    May 7, 2014

Empower marketing professionals to analyze and act on marketing performance data. This report explains how the IBM Marketing Performance Analytics solution can help them: – Leverage marketing performance metrics to generate driver-based campaign & program plans – Access cross-channel campaign Read More…


Whitepaper: Uncovering assessment response bias

by   |    April 17, 2014

IBM SPSS Statistics helps Assess Systems improve its candidate assessment instruments. Learn how Assess Systems analyzed more than 15,000 surveys and was able to: – Gain significant insight into increased positive response patterns on job assessment tests, leading to tighter, Read More…

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What it Takes to Succeed with Big Data

by   |    April 16, 2014

In this excerpt from his new book, “Big Data @ Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities,” Thomas Davenport describes the traits of successful big data leaders and how some companies are integrating big data leadership into their management structure. Read More…

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To Find the Value in Your Data, Stop Searching for It

by   |    April 11, 2014

Finding the value in a large pool of data can be difficult. Rather than search huge data stores for value, companies should think about the decisions they need to drive and then work backward to map out the type of analytics and data that would support those decisions, Christer Johnson writes in this opinion piece. Read More…


Webinar: Get to know your customer through Dialogue

by   |    April 10, 2014

Multimedia communication has become the de facto medium for marketing, surveys, training, employee screening, and many other aspects of business today. But until now they have been one-way conversation, with little opportunity to collect information about your viewers. Read More…

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SAP Makes a Play for the Big Data Business of SMEs

by   |    April 8, 2014

SAP is accelerating its efforts in the global SME market, a market it says is worth $88 billion, recruiting new partners to produce products for the SME sector. Spearheading the effort is Kevin Gilroy, SAP’s senior vice president and general manager for the global small and midsize enterprise segment and indirect channels. Read More…

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Analytics Leaders Discuss Care and Feeding of a Successful Data Team

by   |    April 4, 2014

Analytics team leaders from a variety of industries gathered at the INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research this week for a panel discussion on how to build a well-rounded data-analytics team and manage data professionals: where to position them; how to keep them challenged, engaged and motivated; and what it takes to lead them. Read More…

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